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Dear Myanmar Travel and Travel With Us!

Having traveled to far off lands most of my life has always been a great pleasure. Since I have discovered Ms. Thein (Swiss Miss), none of the other companies can compare.

She finds the most unique lodgings, restaurants, museums, shops and places of interest. She also has contacts with people of influence in all the countries she takes you to!

Her guides all speak fluent English, Spanish, German, Italian - you name it. They are all so knowledgeable and very helpful. I always feel so pampered and safe with them. They are flexible! If you want to stop and shop or want to stay longer they always attempt to accommodate you. I have traveled to Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, Burma (Myanmar), and Vietnam under her wing. The trips have always been beyond my greatest expectations! My next trip with her will be to Taiwan and Bhutan.

CONTACT ME AT f.kenner @cox.net.

F. Kenner/USA



To Myriam Grest

It was a lucky day for us five years ago when we discovered Myriam Grest. Now we would not even consider a trip to Asia without her help. She first arranged a trip to Myanmar, and her planning was perfect. Subsequent visits to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and China were superb because of her careful and informed work.

Always Myriam has booked reliable hotels, knowledgeable guides, and efficient itineraries. Only once have we encountered a problem that caused us to contact Myriam during a trip, and she immediately made the right call, sent the right message, and solved the problem beautifully.

We have confidently recommended Myriam to our friends, and they have likewise been wholly satisfied.

A. and P. Stromberg/Dubai



Hello from Germany,

(Recommendation to future clients)
Your letter makes us realize that our next journey to Asia is eleven months ahead of us. Eleven months without mohingka (delicious morning soup in Myanmar), eleven months without golden Buddhas and lovely people smiling every minute, offering us their hospitality. Eleven months before we can to a part of the world that has become a part of us.

Till now we have made two journeys with Myanmar Travel - one in December/January 2006/2007 and one at the same time one year later. We returned to Germany two weeks ago. Two days after coming home and one day after unpacking our luggage we contacted Mrs. Grest and Mr. Ye (Office Manager in Yangon). Now we are planning our third journey with them. This time we would like to go to Cambodia und southern part of Vietnam. This may be the best answer to the question if we are satisfied with them. We would not come back again and again if we were not.

Satisfied is too weak a word to express what we feel about this agency: Their service is just sensational. We have seen many countries in Asia and elsewhere, but we have never - NEVER - experienced this kind of travelling before. Everything is organized with 150 % perfection, everything will be a bit bigger, a bit nicer, a bit more exciting, a bit more relaxing than you could ever expect. You just lean back and smile. Feel Asia. Tell them your desires - and just watch what will happen... It is unbelievable . As a joke we told our guide that next time we will ask him to go snowboarding - not because we like snowboarding, but maybe this is our only chance to find something that he cannot make possible within five minutes.

We paid our journeys in advance as well.And we see no problem about that. Perhaps you know that Swiss people are said to be over-over-over-correct. Mrs. Grest is Swiss, she fulfills this positive prejudice.Our experience: It is of course a question of trust to give away your money before. But you would do the same if you booked your journey in your home country, wouldn't you? By the way: Which country do you come from?

We trusted them and we still do it, not thinking about any risk of betrayal for one second. And we strongly recommend to you to follow our example. There will be no problems, we are sure. Myanmar Travel has a good name to lose.

We think paying in advance even has to advantages for you:

1.) Do not forget that e.g. in Myanmar you have to declare if you have more than 2,000 USD with you. So, if you carry all that tour money in cash in your pocket, this may cause long discussions and - maybe - some extra fees at the immigration desk.

2.) Criminality is not a big subject in these countries - but we heard about pickpockets, especially in Vietnam. There might be days when you are on the way from somewhere to somewhere else without hotel safe. We think it is better to limit this risk.

Okay, so far we hope we could answer your main questions. If you like to know more please feel free to contact us whenever you like. We wish you a very impressive journey - and we are sure you will have one!

Best regards,
Birgitta and Robert Klose/Germany

P.S.: Five countries, one trip? Wow! How long are you planning to travel?



Dear Myriam,
I would like to thank you so much for this MAGIC trip we have just completed in Bhutan.
Thanks to your professionalism and the attention to details, to make our trip so wonderful.
Everything worked perfectly in all the places where we stayed. We will come back to Asia and next time to Myanmar! Promise!

See you soon again!

Janet and Tom Staufer/Germany



t was our pleasure to use Myriam Grest as our travel planner for our multiple country tour. She and her wonderful staff were well organized, prompt and really on top of my program that started from Bangkok to northeastern Thailand across the Mekong to Vientiane, Laos ending in the lovely mountain city of Luang Prabang staying at the magical Le Residence Phou Vao. Then back to Bangkok and the following day to Yangon, Myanmar for a delightful guided tour of the country for 7 days. Then it was back to Bangkok for an overnight. We flew to Bhutan for a delightful tour of that country. Ms. Grest organized all of our flights, hotels, transportation and guides. Rather complex when you think about crossing borders, getting visas and coordinating flights, etc.
Our hats are off to her for the smooth operation.

Cheers, Larry

Larry and Rita K./Florida



Dear Myriam,

We would like to thank Myanmar Travel for the organization of this wonderful trip. It was a great mix of cultural visits in a warm ambiance with experienced and wonderful guides! We have already recommended you to some other friends, and surely you will get more customers!

Claire and Georg M./USA (October 2007; Beijing / Xian/ Shanghai/ Guilin/ Kunming)



Dear Mrs. Grest,

My family and two American friends visited Cambodia (Angkor Wat) and Myanmar for two weeks in late December 2007 and early January 2008 under the auspices of Myanmar Travel, Ltd. Mrs. Grest and her staff receive high marks from our group for organizing and conducting our trip. They impressed us from the start with their friendliness, flexibility and expertise. The office readily accommodated our specific requests regarding domestic flights, in-country itineraries, and accommodations in Siem Reap and throughout our travels in Myanmar.

From Bangkok we flew to Siem Reap to spend two days visiting Angkor Wat. We were welcomed by our guide, Mr. Sophi and his assistant who made sure from the start that our stay would be informative and enjoyable. The Bopha Angkor Hotel and staff also made our stay very pleasant. Of course the highlights were the daily visits to the Angkor complex plus side trips to other temples and villages in between.

Myanmar was our principal destination. We spent 12 days visiting Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Ngapali Beach. Throughout our journey - the first time in Myanmar for all of us - we were accompanied by our guide (except for the few days on the beach), Mr. Win Bo Bo, who truly made Myanmar the memorable experience it became for us. Win, captured our hearts from the start. Meeting us at the Yangon international airport his winning smile, friendliness and ability to relate to us on a personal and professional level made a lasting impression on us. We came to know the country - its history, culture, people and current situation - through his knowledge and ability to convey information in an interesting and enjoyable manner. His deep understanding of and love for Burmese culture, combined with his pleasant personality, brought his country and its people closer to us.

After many interesting experiences in Yangon, Mandalay Bagan and Ngapali Beach, we left with strong impressions about the places we had visited. Clearly, these were not the usual superficial highlights of a routinely organized tour.

Myanmar Travel is to be commended for service and quality. The entire organization – director and staff – receive our thanks for a wonderful travel experience.

Ernst W. Gohlert/Germany



Dear Myanmar Travel Team,

We wanted to thank you for all your help regarding our stay in Myanmar. It was a lovely one. Bagan is a real jewel. That is why we decided to spend most of our time there. It would have been unreasonable to just jump to other places and not enjoy them thoroughly. The best thing was using the horse cart, which we did for five days - day and night ( No.39 - owner Mr. Thein Shwe, from Taung Be village, near Old Bagan - to be warmly recommended to everyone - he parks right outside the Thiripyitsaya Sakura, and I told the reception they should use him because of his good English, his knowledge and also his perfect manners). We kept our guide book all the time with us and Thein would only complement it. Just a perfect combination.

Next time when we come, we will go to see Mrauk U, and Mandalay with the old royal cities and hopefully some other places, but we will definitely go back to Bagan and rest there for a minimum of 10 days. It is incredibly beautiful, both by day and by night. We took a car to Mt Popa and enjoyed the countryside as well as the view from Mt. Popa, but the monkeys... (oh, quite stinky, and the 777 stairs quite dirty ) - though we really enjoyed it and stopped several times to enjoy the local markets, palm brandy, sugar cubes and view the production of brandy and the palm juice, as well as sesame oil. Beautiful, clean countryside and people incredibly nice, just like everywhere else.

So, it really was a very memorable trip. And, as per your recommendation, the visa office people in Bangkok were extremely helpful. We got our visas within two hours.
If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.


Zeljka Boic Bakaric (SA)



Dear friends of Myanmar Travel,

We had arrived to our country some weeks ago, and with a lot of work to do. But always having in mind to thank you for the wonderful days we have spent in Myanmar. We aim to stress specially the care and kindness that your well trained tour guides have had with us, carrying us not only to the scheduled places, but also to other ones that we suggested, and recommending the better shops or restaurants, not only in quality, but also in prices. Also, we must recognize your guide's effort to introduce us to very subtle aspects of Myanmar culture, aspects that we will not found in any book. Especially remarkable were those aspects related to religious practices, details of sculpture, painting and architecture, and local history. We are especially grateful to all Myanmar Travel staff for your excellent tour organization, competitive prices, and hard efforts to give us the best of your beautiful country in few days. In our opinion, all was perfectly done, far better than expected.

You can post this feedback in your web page, and if some possible customer asks you about a contact with us, you can give him this email: buddhicitya@yahoo.com.ar, and pleasantly we will recommend your services.

Julio Djenderedjian - Angel Popolizio/Israel



Hello Myriam:

Bangkok experience was great. Our guide Wanna was excellent showing us the sites and also assisted in arranging a couple of tours which we wanted to do in our free time. Also did great job getting us around in Ayuthaya. She is a wealth of information.

Chiang Rai guide Tina. Again, excellent guide and very knowledgeable. She made changes in our itinerary after consulting with us but we saw everything we wanted. The cruise on river in Golden Triangle was not worth the time. Didn't get sunset cruise just raced up and down river in front of tourist area. Would recommend this time be better spent.

The drive to Chiang Mai was very interesting. Made a number of stops to photograph. Certainly better than going through the airport hassle again.

In Chiang Mai Ms. Walaikorn met us at breakfast in the hotel. Checked that everything was going well and informed us of transportation arrangements to Lisu Lodge. After being picked up by driver we encountered our first problem. The driver couldn't speak any English and apparently had never been to Lisu Lodge before. After the 3rd stop to ask directions, I had to find the small signs, which were in English, and tell him where to turn; even the final sign to turn into lodge parking lot. Anyway, it worked out and we enjoyed the visit here.

In closing, we would like to thank you again for putting together a wonderful itinerary in such a short period of time. The hotels, guides, drivers and overall experience were fantastic. We would not hesitate in recommending your company to anyone who is interested in traveling in Thailand, Cambodia or Myanmar.


L. and C. McKibben/USA



Dear Myriam,

I arrived yesterday in Italy. It is pretty strange to be back to the cold autumn weather and to the work...

I would like to thank you a lot for the wonderful experience I had in Thailand. Your organization has been perfect (places to visit, guides, driver, hotels,...), probably the best I had in all my trips around the world. You did a great job!

I will recommend your company to friends who will come to visit Asia and I will contact you as soon as I will organize a new trip!! Hopefully in Myanmar...

I whish good luck to both of you for the new adventure you entered into! You are great women and I'm sure that all your energies will not be spent in vain, you will achieve success.

Warmest regards
Elena B./Italy

PS: Should some of your clients ask for contacts of previous travelers before organize a trip with you, please feel free to give my references


Dear Travel  to Asia with us Team!

We are finally back in Italy and wanted to say thanks a lot again!

It has been a pleasure to visit Thailand and to meet you. Everything was absolutely gorgeous and we really hope to come back soon!

Should you ever come to Italy, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Have a nice day,

Maria and Stefano/Italy



Dear Myriam, dear Quyet,

We have arrived back to Germany yesterday. We had just such a great time traveling through Vietnam. I must particularly compliment you and your partner on the fantastic level of service you have provided. Our German guide: She was SUPER - we had her throughout the whole journey and couldn't have had a better one!

Although we are not great shoppers, we followed Myriam's advice and yes! She is THE expert in shopping and seems to know all the places were to find the 'goodies'... I would highly recommend your travel company and I and my wife are looking forward in booking again with you. We even consider North Korea! But first we let you go and will then read your travel story!

We wish you all the best and see you again in Asia!


Norbert and Barbara Schuster/Germany